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Legit Steroids resides on the pillars of simplicity. Although that makes the ordering process easier, it largely compromises your privacy. But how? The site is utterly unsafe for any commercial transactions. In fact, modern browsers warn you against entering sensitive info on their site. Now, considering that the payment methods available are vulnerable to cyber theft, you might not be 100% sure that your money is transferred to the intended recipient whenever you deal with them.

legit steroids reviews

We didn’t find this Sustanon variant to be trustworthy

Another thing; its Sustanon supplies, as of the time of writing this post, are out of stock. Worth noting is that this is the sixth time we’ve come across this disclaimer. Either they no longer supply this key steroid, or there exists no synchronization of web data and the actual stock.

Besides, Genesis and Organon, the two manufacturers from where this company sources their Sustanon and most other supplies, are at the moment raising eyebrows at the popular Eroids forum. Generally, we have a feeling that their products are of poor quality.

To this end, we recommend that you consider other more reputable online shops such as Top-Steroids-Online and Super-Steroid for your Sustanon supplies. Also, feel free to share your experience with Legit Steroids in the comments below.