Sustanon 250

Testosterone perhaps needs no introduction whatsoever, as it is quite frankly one of the – if not the singular – most popular anabolic compounds in circulation on the anabolic market today.

This organic substance first appeared in a synthesized form in 1935, and has remained a staple part of both the medical and of the aesthetic / athletic communities ever since.

Many variations of the “base” testosterone molecule have been formulated over the years, but perhaps the best known out of them all is the almighty Sustanon 250 (not to be confused with Sustanon 100.)

Over the course of this extensive profile, we’ll highlight this variant and break down its unique qualities to provide you with a full understanding of its potent functionality.

What Is Sustanon

Sustanon 250 is a blend of four different testosterone esters, all carrying unique “digestion” times ranging from fast to slow.

What this theoretically means is that the compound will enter the system in a rapid fashion, and its release will be sustained over an expanded time frame. In order to understand how this blend of testosterones is going to work within the human body, we simply need to understand how testosterone itself works, specifically in regards to its impact on anabolic metabolism.

Testosterone is a form of androgen, and is produced by the Leydig cells in the testicles. Androgens are known as “male” hormones, and they are responsible for the development of everything on a man’s frame that goes into making him a man. This includes everything from muscular development to body hair, facial hair and sexual function. Females also produce androgens as they are vital for certain aspects of growth (including skeletal muscle), although not nearly to the same extent as a male (as can be observed here.) Testosterone specifically is one of the hormones (androgens) that is directly “in charge” of muscle growth (others are used to create hair cells, replenish nails and optimise vitality amongst other vital functions.)

The Real Deal – Sustanons Unique “Recipe” Explained

To achieve the true sustanon benefits – you’re going to have to ensure that you get your hands on a legitimate version of the product. Without having a steroid testing kit on hand, this may prove difficult unless you’re buying from a highly reputable source. One source that definitely will never disappoint you is MyoGen Labs – and their celebrated SustaGen 350 shown above, an ideal product for both beginners and experienced users of anabolic steroids and hormones. It is very effective in steroid cycles of varying lengths because the various esters make it remains active in the body for a long time and keep your testosterone level at its peak over an extended period. 

It can be difficult to purchase a “real” version of any anabolic product whatsoever at times, but when the product in question is created according to a formula that is as complex as the one found here, it makes everything that little bit more problematic. We say this formula is complex primarily because of the exacting quantities of each ester type needed to be able to call sustanon by its namesake.

Any deviation from this formula makes the product illegitimate. You may think that a few milligrams worth of difference here and there won’t equate to a noticeable change, but this would largely be incorrect. Any modification of the original formula could completely throw the product’s “synergy” out of the window. Should this happen, the sustained, “even” release the user seeks would be in jeopardy.


One of the reasons why we state this is that it directly impacts the efficiency of human growth hormone, which in turn triggers the release of IGF-1 – a critical element needed for protein synthesis.

Equally, growth hormone and IGF-1 are both needed in order to stimulate the testicles to release more testosterone. As such, it could be said that the two form a symbiotic relationship.

IGF-1 and growth hormone in general are responsible for generating new tissue cells, repairing damaged ones, and generally contributing towards all of the processes that can enhance both strength and advancement in muscular size.

Interestingly, testosterone produces anabolic effects in its own right that are very similar to those of growth hormone and IGF-1. For that reason, it’s fairly easy to see how testosterone can positively impact muscular growth in its own right, let alone when it is combined with growth hormone.


The Importance of Esters

With the above character traits in mind, it’s then time to turn our attention to esters. As previously mentioned, we have a combination of several different testosterone “esters” with sustanon.

What is an ester though? And how do esters affect the outcome of testosterone and its “digestion” rate?

The answer is fairly simple; esters affect the structure of the molecule they are attached to. This alteration often relates to the compound’s “consistency” and / or “complexity. In relation to anabolic steroids specifically (and in this instance testosterone) – when we attach an ester to the base testosterone formula, depending on which type of ester it is, we’re going to affect the “consistency” of the base molecule. When it comes to assimilating the molecule within our system, the “simpler” its structure (as dictated by its ester) the faster it is going to take action within the body. “Simple” esters are also referred to as “short” esters, whereas the more complex esters are referred to as “long” esters. You could view these esters in a similar light for either high GI or low GI carbohydrate sources. One simply processes more slowly than the other.

With sustanon, we have such an intricate balance and combination of ester types that from the moment the synthesised testosterone molecules enter our system, their release is prolonged over the course of 14 days.

You might wonder how this is beneficial; it’s a valid question.

What’s important to understand at this point in time is that the first developed form of testosterone (test propionate) was a short ester. As a result, whilst the initial release of this product within the system was rapid, the user’s enhanced testosterone levels soon dropped off, meaning that another administration was needed.

Overall, this led to a fairly irregular level of hormonal output occurring. Whilst base testosterone levels were certainly enhanced, this ‘evolved’ release was difficult to optimise and sustain. For this reason, ‘long’ esters were developed. Partly as a means of providing convenience for those who wished for a less frequent administration of their product, and in part to help establish a more “levelled” release of the product they were attached to. The downside to this was that longer acting esters took (and still do take) a fairly substantial amount of time to release / integrate themselves into the system. What users gained in ‘sustainability’, they lost in instant ‘gratification.’

As a result, a solution was needed to offer patients rapid integration for immediate and noticeable effectiveness, whilst simultaneously prolonging this effectiveness over a sustained period of time without having to administer it regularly.

This thought process is ultimately what lead to the formulation of sustanon.


Propionate (30mgs.)

Testosterone sustanon perhaps needs no introduction whatsoever, as it is quite frankly one of if not the singular most popular anabolic compound in circulation on the anabolic market today.

Out of all the esters that go into making the sustanon formula, propionate is the shortest acting of them all. It lasts for roughly three to four days in the system, and starts to take action after only 24 hours.

This means that users can benefit from “immediate” action – they’ll start to feel the hormone working within their system (this will be noticeable via advanced energy levels, sex drive and strength output primarily), which can be highly supportive from a psychological perspective.

As a result of its inclusion, we have an effective “vanguard” to lay the initial hormonal foundations that can then later be developed by the longer acting ester variants. This is one of the primary reasons why sustanon manages to provide such an effective “drip” fed release of testosterone in general – from the moment it enters the system, it takes hold of the body and maintains its presence over its two week total half-life.

Testosterone PhenylPropionate (60mg)

Originally this ester variant was somewhat difficult to get hold of, but over time the rise of independent laboratories has made way for its popularity, particularly in conjunction with the popular nandrolone steroid.
The reason why it is useful as part of a testosterone mix is due to the fact that it has a 4 – 5 day half life – this ultimately means that our initial testosterone “hit” (as provided by the propionate ester) can then be sustained through the inclusion of the phenylpropionate ester.
This “overlapping” of esters is actually the recurring theme with sustanon and all other testosterone mixes – the idea is ultimately to ensure that at no stage does the presence of the compound diminish within the system.

Testosterone Isocaproate (60mg)

One of the rarest of all the specialist ester varieties, isocaproate has a 9 day half life within the body meaning that it serves as the perfect “accomplice” to the phenylpropionate ester by taking over from active “duty” once the latter ester type has run out within the system.
It’s likely that this ester was originally only featured as part of special orders for patients undergoing testosterone therapy who needed a slightly longer half life than the propionate or enanthate esters could provide.
It just so happened that when the sustanon blend was formed, the isocaproate ester served as the perfect “bridge” for the other included varieties, thus ensuring the user could benefit from around the clock coverage.

Testosterone Decanoate (100mg)

The longest lasting of all the different ester varieties, the decanoate ester is often featured as the ester of “choice” to combine with nandrolone, thus giving us the ever popular “deca” steroid (with deca of course being short for decanoate.)
As with all of the other esters included in the sustanon blend, the decanoate ester just so happens to be the perfect means of further prolonging the active life of testosterone within the body.
Within a medical setting, the 14 – 21 day half life of the decanoate ester actually warrants one injection every three weeks or even monthly, but in this instance it simply means that over the course of your cycle, there will never be a stage whereas your active levels of testosterone ever dip below an optimal range whatsoever.
In conjunction with the propionate, phenylpropionate and isocaproate esters – this yields a devastatingly effective package that’s able to offer your body enhanced strength, advanced fat burning and increased lean muscle mass 24/7.

The Positive And Negative Effects Of Sustanon

With all of that effort going in to create testosterone (and sustanon), you’re probably wondering if it was actually worth all the trouble.

From a medical standpoint, it absolutely was. From an aesthetic standpoint – we can confidently say the same too. Sustanon results are going to vary massively from person to person depending on a plethora of external factors including, but not limited to:

  • Nutritional habits
  • Exercise habits
  • Doses
  • Effective / ineffective administration
  • The implementation of cycle therapy

There are more factors, including lifestyle choices (i.e sleep, stress reduction, etc), but the above five comprise the main components needed to ensure optimal results.


Sustagen 400 Myogen

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Sustagen 250

Sustagen 250 Myogen

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