The Detection Time Of Each Ester

When considering the detection time of this product before actively integrating it, many ponder over the individual detection window of each ester contained within this unique blend.

Sustanon Steroids


Whilst it would ordinarily prove prudent to consider each element contained within a mix individually for their negative and positive characteristics (there are some tremendously powerful off-season and cutting stacks, for instance, that contain several different steroid formats in one vial), there is truly very little point in doing so here.

The only difference between the individual esters contained within the sustanon 250 mixture lies in their release window within the body. Other than that, there are zero differentiations between them. You’re going to receive exactly the same benefits in regards to strength output, regeneration capacity and anabolism across all four of the esters included here. This means that you need to treat sustanon as one singular product, as opposed to a combination of products.

For this reason, you only need to consider the upper case maximum detection time on offer by the decanoate ester, as this is the longest lasting component included; by default of its synergy with the other three esters though, this means that sustanon as a “whole” is detectable for as long as the decanoate ester is detectable.

For a period of between three to four months, this substance will yield a positive test result, meaning you’ll fail if tested for it.

Those who compete within a tested bodybuilding framework may actually get away with competing just outside of this 3-4 month window, but those who compete as part of a high-level competitive sport setting are less likely to do so.


Metabolic Drug Testing

This is largely because of the introduction of long metabolite drug testing. This form of testing can actually detect traces of compounds within the bloodstream dating back 6 months or more. In practice, it’s often much further back than that.

With this in mind, how on earth do you pass a test?

Well, if you’re looking for an easy solution; you should simply enter an untested competition (either athletic or aesthetic.) The chances are though that you’re either in a position where that’s not an option (high level athletics, for instance) or you simply aren’t at a level where you can be competitive in an untested bodybuilding competition yet.

In short – you need to know how you can get through your test unscathed.

For the bodybuilders out there, passing a test isn’t particularly difficult in theory. This is because the largest bodybuilding federations (such as the IFBB) actually run un-tested competitions. It’s typically the smaller independent federations (with the least money) that require their athletes to be tested. As a result, their testing methods are often out of date and / or highly ineffective when compared to those on offer by, say, the Olympics or any high level professional sport. You might simply be able to waltz in as soon as your theoretical detection time has passed and get through unscathed.

Failing that, there are urine kits available for you to provide a clean sample with (by mixing a simple solution in water) and / or simply strapping a clean sample of your own urine to the inside of your leg. If you have a trustworthy friend, a tremendously easy option is also to use a clean sample of their urine.


You can even go so far as to purchase a plastic penis (complete with a syringe and all of the necessary “ingredients” to provide a clean sample with whilst appearing “genuine” throughout) or if your career depends on it, attaching a catheter to your bladder and literally injecting it with clean urine prior to testing (for obvious reasons, this isn’t recommended) is an effective albeit high risk option.

It’s highly likely that you could simply use either of the clean urine sample options to get through at a “novice” level competition. Advanced tactics as per the latter components wouldn’t come into play unless you were involved in a sport or bodybuilding at a world class level – their advanced drug tests would require advanced techniques being implemented to pass.

It should be noted (and it may even be obvious) that the urine options rely on you not being monitored during your test, which it should be noted is actually fairly common.

The plastic penis is also only going to work if you don’t perform the test whilst wearing shorts…a problem for bodybuilders. Equally, any tester who performs their job properly (provided you’re actually being monitored) will be able to detect with relative ease that the penis providing the sample is in fact fake.

Another extreme option is a blood transfusion, but again this would only really be warranted if you were at a professional level and your career depended on it.

As you can see, the options at your disposal range from being immensely complex to shockingly easy to integrate. All of them though carry with them at least a moderate level of risk.

The easiest options will always be entering an untested competition, or waiting for your detection time to pass and taking your chances with a “budget” sporting or bodybuilding federation that can’t afford to take you through rigorous testing procedures.

If you’re going to “play” with anabolics though, then realistically, your goal should be to “play” with the big boys and girls out there. Otherwise, what are you truly aiming for?