sustanon cycle

As with any anabolic compound, dosing and cycle length depend entirely on your individual level of experience with both testosterone and anabolic compounds in general.

How to cycle Sustanon for maximum effectiveness

How To Use Sustanon

It should be noted that any prospective sustanon user should first use testosterone propionate (at the minimum dose) in isolation in order to ascertain whether or not exogenous testosterone is compatible with their individual genetic makeup.

Following this “test” cycle, should there have been no adverse issues, you will then be free to progress onto using estered variants of testosterone such as this.

We’ll first consider how best to administer sustanon based on your individual level of experience before explaining how you can implement an effective PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) phase.

Intra cycle support will be included as part of the structured cycles outlaid in the following section.

Sustanon Cycles

The following cycles are designed to cater for mass and strength gains, and are considered to be “wet” cycles.

The term wet simply refers to the fact that the gains made are not going to be of a “dry” nature as per a product like trenbolone, and will involve some degree of water retention.

This product would not typically be featured as part of a cutting phase for this very reason – there are simply far better items out there for sustaining mass levels on a calorie deficit that won’t negatively impact muscular visibility.

Our initial cycle simply involves integrating sustanon in isolation, before the user may then advance onto an intermediate usage phase and finally an advanced cycle for those with the relevant level of experience.

Whatever your level of experience, always use high quality sustanon, coming from a trustworthy and certified supplier – Myogen Labs and their above illustrated SustaGen 350 are among the best in both categories.

Beginner Sustanon Cycle

This cycle is the perfect means of gauging compatibility with sustanon, and involves simply integrating this product on its own in conjunction with cycle therapy for counteracting potential estrogenic issues.

Following this initial phase, you must then run a PCT cycle as we’ll shortly discuss.

Although you will see a moderate amount of muscle gain whilst following this cycle, its primary goal is to “prepare” you for advanced use during later cycles.

Expect to see increases in strength, sex drive and potentially lean muscle mass if you are a beginner to the world of anabolics. Treat this cycle more as a means of paving the way for future use though, and don’t expect anything hugely significant.

1-4300 mg per week20 mg every day
4-8400 mg per week20 mg every day

Intermediate Sustanon Cycle

This cycle is intended to cater for those who have developed an initial tolerance with sustanon and are ready to formulate an advanced stack for the purpose of evolving their physique.

It is certainly not as “harsh” as our advanced cycle, but it will certainly require some due attention in regards to watching out for the arisal of adverse issues.

1 - 6500 mg per week40 mg per day7 caps per day2 tabs per day
7-12500 mg per weekN/A7 caps per day2 tabs per day

You should expect to see decent size and strength gains whilst on this cycle.

The dianabol inclusion here is going to help “load” mass onto the body at the beginning of the usage phase, and the testosterone will help to both sustain and supplement this mass over the course of the 12 week usage period.

Aromasin is again integrated to safeguard against potential estrogenic issues, and Samarin usage is warranted as a result of the increased risk of side effects in regards to liver protection amongst other potentially adverse issues.

Advanced Sustanon Cycle

This cycle is purely for experienced users who have developed prior tolerance with sustanon and have encountered no adverse issues when using it as part of a stack formation.

This advanced cycle covers the user from every angle. They will receive advanced mass integration at the front end of the cycle as a result of the dianabol, and this mass gain will actually continue at a sustained rate over the course of the rest of the cycle due to the inclusion of deca and sustanon.

Ostarine will also be present throughout as it is a “tame” means of enhancing anabolism without an excess risk of side effects arising. It belongs to the unique “SARM” (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) family of anabolic supplements, and will serve to boost the potency of the other compounds on offer here.

As before, aromasin and Samarin are needed to assist with optimal vitality whilst using this combination of products.

WeekSustanonDeca durabolinAromasinOstarineDianabolSamarin
1 - 6500 mg per week600 mg per week25 mg per day25 mg per day40 mg per day2 tabs per day
7-12500 mg per week600 mg per week25 mg per day25 mg per dayN/A2 tabs per day

All of the above cycles are only recommended for those who have already performed the previous cycles listed – regardless of any advice you receive, you should never “dive in” at an intermediate or advanced level without running a prior “testing” cycle using propionate only. Once you have performed this initial cycle, you are then free to perform an initial sustanon cycle (as per our beginner / isolated sustanon cycle as listed above.)

If you respond well to sustanon, this means that you can tolerate the long lasting enanthate variant, and as such, progression onto an intermediate or advanced cycle is then possible. It is essential to consider your PCT options so that you can fully restore your natural testosterone levels after finishing your chosen cycle.

Please note that you will need to perform a PCT window regardless of the cycle you perform, whether it is of an advanced or beginner nature.