Sustanon Benefits

To understand the benefits of sustanon we simply have to understand the benefits of exogenous testosterone in general, as the two are ultimately one and the same. The only distinct difference between “base” testosterone and sustanon is of course the release time within the system; other than that, all base “character” traits remain the same here. These positive aspects are as follows.

The Positive Effects of Sustanon

Enhanced Nitrogen Retention

Nitrogen comprises of roughly 16% of all muscle mass in the human body. This means that through preserving it, we can actually maintain almost one fifth of our total lean tissue mass across the entire body.

It might not sound like a huge figure, but consider this: most natural trainees (and even those who are not natural) struggle to keep their nitrogen levels optimal and, as such, they don’t fully capitalise on that extra “fifth” of their muscle when cutting and bulking.

This means that at the end of an off-season phase, this fifth can easily be lost as it can during a cut.

That could be the difference between having the epic physique most people are looking for, and having a decent but still fairly average gym body (16% of your total mass represents a great deal of muscle, especially from a visual perspective…if you were to GAIN 16%, you would be truly astounded by the difference.)

Testosterone can help tremendously in this department by safeguarding nitrogen levels, thus helping to secure the extra “fifth” of your overall muscle mass that you may be lacking.

Inhibition of Glutocorticoid Hormones

Glutocorticoid hormones are a family of hormones responsible for several functions within the body, including anti-inflammatory properties and (to an extent) the promotion of fat burning, but they can also inhibit glucose uptake into the muscle cells as well as enhance catabolism.

This enhancement of catabolism is due to the fact that cortisol is a glutocorticoid hormone, and it is truly the most potentially damaging hormone in the human body.

Whilst it is needed for certain metabolic functions, it is also capable of breaking muscle tissue down, especially during periods of high stress. Testosterone helps to suppress the release of cortisol, thus ensuring that this catabolic process is unable to take place.

Enhanced Protein Synthesis

This is one of the primary reasons why anyone would choose to use sustanon (or any from of testosterone, for that matter) – it can actually help to generate new lean tissue cells.

Before your mind runs rampant with excitement though, we need to state that this cell generation is surplus to your “normal” capabilities, but certainly isn’t in line with the likes of dianabol, anadrol and trenbolone (all very different steroids that are capable of producing noticeable gains ranging from an extreme level to an impressive but more “sustainable” type of mass.)

If you’re looking to use testosterone supplementation to gain mass, then it’s only really going to be useful in this capacity if you’ve never used anabolic steroids before. It’s an excellent “first” cycle product and should serve as a precursor to any future steroid use.

Other than that though, it is at its best when combined with other products to not only enhance their anabolic effects (as we’ll soon discuss) but also to “chip-in” in its own right by helping to increase the overall anabolic output taking place in the body.

Increased Red Blood Cell Count

Red blood cells are vital for transporting both nutrients and oxygen within the body, as well as dispelling carbon dioxide. This aspect of steroid (and especially of testosterone use) is often severely overlooked, but it is actually one of their most important features.

All anabolic steroids increase red blood cell production to an extent, but some do it more potently than others; testosterone in particular is considered to be one of the best red blood cell “synergists” out there.

Why this positive trait matters is that through an increase in red blood cells, we are actually able to utilise more of the nutrients from our nutritional intake, thus having access to more “building blocks” for muscle growth and repair.

When we place testosterone into a “stack” formation, this means that it can actually serve to enhance the efficiency of other anabolic products. Another (though arguably less important) benefit on offer by this increase in red blood cell production is an enhancement in respiratory and muscular endurance.

Increased IGF-1 Output

IGF-1 perhaps needs no introduction after our previous section on the synergy between testosterone and growth hormone, but it’s important that we emphasise its importance again.

IGF-1 is going to lead to enhanced testosterone utilisation, enhanced protein synthesis, enhanced muscular recovery and an improvement in pretty much every process imaginable for the optimal anabolic function of the body.

Needless to say, you want more of this stuff in your life. Sustanon will help to provide it in abundance.

These five positive benefits are the primary reason why anybody would choose to supplement with testosterone in general, and why sustanon is one of the most effective anabolic products available.

Of course, no reward comes without a degree of risk, and it’s important that we now observe what could potentially go “wrong” whilst following a sustanon 350 cycle, a sustanon 250 cycle, or any other cycle variation of this highly popular product.