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If a smooth shopping experience, accurate description of products, and correct Sustanon dosages all matter to you, then you may want to consider shopping elsewhere other than MegaGear. This is one online shop that will certainly frustrate you. For starters, its maintenance is poor. And if its disjointed web interface does not dishearten you, then its dead links will for sure get on your nerves.

Poor quality images, probably stolen from other steroid sites

When we visited the site for the first time, we were not convinced by the particular product which they sell as Sustanon. Here, we decided to check out its description to ascertain what it comprised. To our shock, everything about it just didn’t seem right- from its ingredients to dosages. We tried contacting them via the social media links provided but none pointed to a working account.

Again, the payment methods available on MegaGear limit anyone short of a credit card which is the only method of payment allowed. We cannot also confidently ascertain the correctness of the reviews posted as they are non-English.

To this end, we don’t think MegaGear is anything reliable as long as buying Sustanon online is concerned. We recommend you look for other proven alternatives such as or 2GetMass for your supplies.