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Every online shopper fancies a website with a 100% reliable cash transfer system in place. Now, earlier this year, NapsGear, which doubles as an online pharmacy and steroid supplier, had its domain suspended. It took over a month to fix this problem. Those who suffered the most were those who had their goods in transit as they could no longer track them. Besides, their communication strategy has consistently deteriorated especially in cases of downtimes. For this, their authenticity and stay in business are still questionable.

Sustanon prices at NapsGear are not that bad…

Nonetheless, judging from the numerous positive testimonials and reviews that old customers provide, it’s evident that NapsGear’s testosterone supplements, including Sustanon, work dependably. Even better is their reward program that has something new to offer to customers every month. Lifetime Commission Program, Products of the Week are just examples of promotions you’ll enjoy.

In comparison to competitors’ shipping rates and benefits, NapsGear charges way better. What’s more, discretion levels in their packaging are impressive. You might however not like their persistent delays during transit of goods. In fact, in most cases, you could be forced to wait for around 2-3 weeks to receive your goods. So, why not try out other faster shops such as Top Steroids Online or